Permanent Teaching Staff


We understand that the process of recruiting permanent staff can be costly and time-consuming. With spiralling advertising costs, no guarantee of applications and the time required for a thorough recruitment process, many schools and academies are now working with us to manage their recruitment process for them.

Delivering a cost effective permanent recruitment solution:

  • We’ll meet you face to face to understand more about the candidate you are looking for and the culture of the school.
  • Free of charge dedicated advertising campaign utilising relevant channels including social media, the biggest job boards and the Teaching Force website.
  • Candidate matching from our existing registrants
    Headhunting using our market knowledge and contacts
    Managed short listing process, supplying you with a selection of vetted candidates.
  • We will coordinate interviews either on or offsite and manage the feedback process.
  • Candidate Selection and Assessment Centres can also be arranged if required.
  • Candidate communication advising start dates, training days and contracts.
  • NO PLACEMENT, NO FEE - If you don’t recruit then you don’t pay, regardless of how much work we have done.

For more information about our recruitment fees as well as the tiered discounts offered for placing multiple candidates please contact us today.