Working within SEN - Luke's Story

Working within SEN - Luke's Story

Posted on 26/03/18  |  Posted in Main News

Luke joined Teaching Force to broaden his experience working in schools with a view to eventually becoming a Teacher.

Luke was immediately placed once he was fully checked and compliant, as we had received a last minute request from a SEN school for a TA for the day.

His skills, personality, and outlook were well matched and he went in and did a brilliant job. Six weeks later Luke is still there and has been booked for an ongoing period of time. As a candidate we couldn’t have asked for more, he went and was on time and he has done a great job, settling in to the role quickly.

Edward followed up with Luke to see how he was getting on and learn about his experience working with Autistic pupils:

How have you found working with an agency?

Honestly, my experience has been better than I had expected. With no previous agency work my expectations weren’t that high. However, Teaching Force have been a great help and have provided me with a wide range of opportunities. With the expectation of a few days of work a week, they have managed to beat that with a minimum of 4 days a week which was exactly what I was looking for. Not to forget that the staff are polite and lovely whether that be phone call, text message or in person.

Was working in an SEN school something that you thought you would do well in?

Originally working in SEN schools didn’t appeal to me that much, I was willing to give it a chance every now and again but I wasn’t a huge fan of the idea. However, after my first placement my opinion changed. I really quite enjoyed it. I did have some previous experience working with SEN pupils but mainly within sport and not the classroom. This came in useful however there is still a lot for me to learn.

 Have you had much experience working with Autistic pupils?

Prior to my placement  I had very little experience working with Autistic Pupils. Despite working with for Teaching Force for such a short time I believe that I have gained a lot of experience working with Autistic pupils. Including pupils of all ages, in the classroom, on the playground, within sporting activities and even School trips.

Have you developed new skills in order to effectively support Autistic pupils?

I believe so. Before you work with the children they (Teaching Force) provide you with a pupil handbook which provides you with information about the pupil, such as interests and diagnosis’s, but also ways in which you are best suited to support them. From reading this alone it has broadened my knowledge but also enabled me to support pupils that I would have struggled with prior to this. Furthermore, simply working with the children has provided me with the experience to help develop new skills.

Has the learning curve been quite steep?

I personally believe it has, but by no means overwhelming. There is much more to learn to then I ever imagined and it will take time, however, I feel like i have already picked up loads in such a short amount of time.

What kind of lessons have you supported?

I have been provided with the opportunity to support all forms of lessons. Including Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form students. From English and maths to cooking and sport. But also School trips to places such as the Nottingham Castle. This has been a massive help in my personal development as it has provided me with a wide range of experience.

What has been the most pleasing thing about working at this school?

I cant simply choose one thing, as it has been a combination of everything. From being welcomed and feeling like a part of the team, to working with the pupils and achieving such a great response, feeling a sense of personal development and achievement, to making a difference. It has been a pleasure.

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