Thinking about supply? we have some great reasons

Thinking about supply? we have some great reasons

Posted on 26/02/18  |  Posted in Main News

Working in supply is slightly different to a traditional full time position in a school and there are some fantastic reasons why it might benefit you when give it a try, here are just a few...

Professional development

Grow your network as you move around. You'll learn from your peers (and their practices) and also be exposed to challenges which develop your skills and boost knowledge.

Reduced hours & retirement

If you fancy working fewer hours or you are retired and want a bit of part time work so you can pocket the income - you can choose the hours that will suit you.

£ Learn & earn £

If you want to study, then you can earn as you go. Not only that, if its to further your career you will continue to get experience or might find it helps with your assignments.

Less responsibility, more freedom!

In a supply role you focus on a specific assignment for an agreed period of time. You can go to work, do your job and leave. You wont have the planning or the paperwork, so you can enjoy work and still have plenty of time for those hobbies, trips and plans which tend to be pushed to the bottom of your 'To Do' list

Moving or widening your options

Recently moved to this area? you may want something short term to help you get used to an area before you find a long term position. We can help with that too!

Returning after a break

Have  you been busy with your family or focused on something else but decided to return to working in a school? Maybe you just want to do something part time. Supply work will ease you back into it and you'll regain confidence. It will also help you decide what you want to do next.

If you would like to register click here or call for some advice on 0115 9111616

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